My name is David Palmer. I am an AILA Norcal Member, AILA Norcal Advisory Council member, and I am searching for full-time, part-time, or contract employment as an immigration attorney. Since my graduation from U. C. Hastings and admission to the California Bar in 2008, I have developed a solid background in the field of business immigration law and a passion for the profession. I have the ability to quickly and accurately produce appropriate forms, support letters, and supporting evidence for a great variety of non-immigrant and immigrant cases and the legal knowledge to spot, research, and solve potential client issues. My experience includes the representation of a variety of small-to-medium sized firms requiring the services of foreign nationals with expertise in engineering, science, business specialties, and the arts. My willingness and ability to learn quickly, calm and even temperament, strong worth ethic, and healthy sense of humor make me an ideal candidate for a position at your firm. I have served as New Member Division Co-Coordinator for AILA Norcal for two years. Résumé and references available upon request. Please contact me at david@dpalmer.me.


David Palmer

Attorney, AILA member relocating to Bay Area

Currently practicing as an immigration attorney with a boutique firm in Chicago. My family and I are relocating to the Bay area as my husband has recently accepted an offer with a law firm there, and therefore would like to apply for an attorney position.

JOB WANTED: Attorney, AILA member, recently re-activated license, seeks full or part-time (contract work o.k.) in the area of Immigration Law in North Bay counties. I am 63 years old, transitioning back into law after a long hiatus. I am now focusing exclusively on immigration law, as it inspires me and I see huge opportunities—for both lawyers and clients– in the near future. This field excites me. I am taking classes and learning as much as possible as fast as possible. Willing to work at a rate commensurate with my experience. Contact: Roger Scott (707) 548-9806 rogascott@gmail.com

I have practiced immigration law for over four years and possess solid knowledge and experience representing clients at individual hearings, before the asylum office and the USCIS. I am an accomplished researcher and brief writer with experience preparing appeals and petitions to the BIA and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I also have experience in the area of work visas, such as H1Bs, PERM applications, labor certifications, and other visas.

Contact Katarina Rost at 415-350-5566

Maxine Dorain Bayley

Maxine Bayley is an Associate Attorney at Maggio & Kattar, a boutique immigration law firm located in Washington, DC. She is relocating to the San Francisco area.

The attachment is her resume and cover letter.