Here are some common FAQs regarding accessing our website.

New chapter members who just joined AILA NorCal: When can you obtain access to the AILA NorCal website?

New Members take about four months for data from AILA National to arrive to our Chapter to allow us to manually input into our system. We create user profiles for each new member according to the data that AILA National provides.  If you recently joined our chapter and require immediate access to our chapter website, please ensure you are logged into AILA Infonet first, then click here for instructions on how to login as a Guest to our chapter website.

For existing chapter members:  Your login is your First name with a space in between and your Last name (first letter capitalized), as you provided it to AILA National the first time you joined AILA National.  (Examples: “John Doe” or “John Doe-Smith” or “John Doe Smith”)  Your initial password is your AILA membership number but please remember to change your password after your initial login.

If you wish to subscribe to additional AILA chapters, click here for a tutorial.

If you wish to receive AILA NorCal emails, click here for a tutorial.