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AILA is the professional bar association for attorneys who specialize in general immigration law or its many subspecialty practice areas. With numerous benefits—including ways to promote your practice; save valuable research time; earn money/save money; network with other members; stay in-the-know on the latest news; as well as volunteer leadership opportunities—the investment you make by joining will definitely be money well spent.

We invite you to join our ranks of over 9,000 national members and begin taking advantage of all the benefits AILA has to offer through its members-only Web site, publications, CLE educational opportunities, advocacy efforts, practice assistance, news updates, and much more!

When you become an AILA member, you will also gain access to the Northern California Chapter Web site. The Chapter site contains a wide variety of resources specific to Northern California.

To become a member, visit and submit the application.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes approximately two weeks for the National Office to process your application and provide access to full benefits. Once you become a member, you will be joining one of the strongest specialty bars in the nation – and helping to make it even stronger!

Attorneys who work for government agencies and other government officials are not eligible for AILA membership, but may be approved for access to select areas of AILA’s members-only Web site that have government-related documents including Federal agency memos, regulations, liaison reports, etc.

Looking for an immigration lawyer? Contact AILA’s Immigration Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-954-0254.

Membership Eligibility

In accordance with AILA Bylaws, any attorney, excepting a person in the employ of the Government of the United States (but for attorneys in the employ of the Federal Public Defenders, or federal court-appointed private counsel) or of the labor department, employment service or like body of any state, territory or subdivision thereof, is eligible to be a Member of this Association if such attorney:

a. at the time of application is in good standing with, and for three years immediately preceding application has not been suspended or disbarred by any court, mandatory bar association, administrative agency or other disciplinary authority;

b. is licensed to practice law and is a member in good standing of the bar of any state or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia or, if not a member of the bar of any state or territory of the United States,

(i) is licensed to practice law and is in good standing in a court of the country in which one resides and is engaged in such practice of law and is engaged in such practice of law; or
(ii) is employed full-time as a law professor at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association and who is eligible for full membership in the American Bar Association but who is not admitted to practice in any state or the District of Columbia; and

c. if engaged in the practice of law, is so engaged in compliance with the law applicable in every place where the attorney maintains an office for the practice of law.

Review and Admission

Once the AILA National Office receives a completed application and payment, the applicant’s eligibility is determined, and his/her name will be entered onto a roster of Pending members. National Office review normally takes between two and four weeks, and Pending applicants are notified by the National Office. If the application is deemed ineligible for membership, dues are fully refunded. Pending applicant information is forwarded to the local chapter, which has 90 days to raise an objection to any applicant. If no objection is raised, after 90 days the applicant is accepted as an Approved Member of AILA. If the local chapter raises an objection, the applicant will be notified, and his/her information will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for further review.