NorCal pays for the agency reps who attend. The only exception is if the agency or agency reps indicate that is a problem for them (if they don’t bring it up as a problem, either do we). If the agency indicates they can’t have us cover them, then we explain that we would be happy to charge them a nominal fee (even as low as $5 per person) if that would assist them to avoid ethical concerns. We prefer a nominal rate because it increases the likelihood that more agency representatives will attend. We don’t want to charge them more than the plate of food is worth for the honor of meeting with us. We wouldn’t get high attendance. To date, when the agencies have raised the concern we have been able to successfully deal with it in this way. The sole place where we probably would not make this offer is with OCC. I only say this because from what I understand, Ron LeFevre has a larger concern about this issue than anyone else. With OCC (not actually invited to the agency dinner, but I’m including this here so the info is together for the NorCal backboard), we would instead want to ask them what would allow them to come (without suggesting anything). Then we would try to be amenable to their suggestion.